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We are writing our first book called “Broken Together” and we need your help! Our marriage ministry is called Inspired Marriage and this first book will be what we need to start speaking and telling our story. It is a key to communication in marriage.

Broken Together is a book about how the two of you are broken from your past and how you can thrive in a world of brokenness! Communication breakdown usually comes from your broken past!

Our book is set to be released on 1st quarter 2018

Here is how Broken Together came about:  

When you start connecting the dots, you realize how powerful God really is! You say WOW this all makes since.

For example, a while back Pastor M. Anthony Bailey which I have been friends with for years and who is one of my mentors led me to a guy named Jeff. Jeff and I have become friends and when we first talked, he led me to a song called “Broken Together” by Casting Crowns”. I wept the first time i heard that song and still do every time. It is a powerful marriage song.

Fast forward, we were writing a book called “Inspired Marriage” and one of the chapters was gonna be called “Understanding The Past” but the more I thought about it, I felt in my heart “Broken Together” was a better title for that chapter.

Then at our church recently, The song “Broken Together” was played I think for the first time if i am not mistaken. Again, I wept especially with the story that they played with it and as we watched the story and heard the sermon, I felt God nudging me saying that “Broken Together” should not be a chapter in the book but in it’s own book.

As I sat down with Sandy, we discussed that and the pieces of the puzzle started coming into fruition. She agreed with me that this needed to be a book in itself.

The more we talked the more we realized this is what God wanted us to do. As we created the outline and chapters, i started to wept all through it again and knew we had to create this book. I also felt like God didn’t want is to abandon the book “Inspired Marriage” either so we are writing both at the same time which is really crazy but its been amazing.

The more Sandy and I discuss what needs to be in “Broken Together”, we realize WOW this is HEAVY for us. We can’t take this book lightly because this is gonna break so many chains! The book is called “Broken Together” Subtitle: How the Past Affects Your Marriage.

As we look back, we are in awe at this connection and if you take any part of this story away, you would see that we may have missed what God wanted us to write! Just in awe at this. I am freaking out here because as I write this, i have chills!

We recently changed the subtitle to the book. It is now “Your Past Affects The Way You Communicate”. As we have been writing, we have realized that the book is turning into a communication book and our past affects how we do communicate.

We have 3 books that will be fully written. 1st is “Broken Together”, 2nd is “Unsinkable Marriage” & the 3rd one is “Inspired Marriage”.

The plan is to release “Broken Together” on Dec. 26th, 2017. We will release “Unsinkable Marriage” the 1st quarter of 2018 & “Inspired Marriage” Mid-2018.

All 3 books serve a different purpose in marriage so we feel they all need to be written.

We believe God led us to write Broken Together first because this book will be a foundational book to understanding why people do what they do in marriage while “Unsinkable Marriage” will be more abount setting boundaries within your marriage so the enemy doesn’t break in. And “Inspired Marriage” will be more of a how too book to keep that spark alive.

My wife and I are coming up on 15 years of marriage. Oct 5th, will be 15 years. We have had our struggles at the beginning, the first 5 years as I (Chris) had many addictions.

I went through 19 years of addictions until God healed me almost 10 years ago. In fact, the release date of the book is Dec, 26th, 2017 which is my 10 year anniversary date of being sober.

We feel we are qualified for this book because of what all we have went through and the fact that God is leading us into marriage ministry. Our marriage is our strength. It is the one constant in our lives.

Marriage means everything to us and we hope to inspire other couples to live the God-Inspired marriage he called them to live. When done right, marriage can be one of the most glorious parts of your life. When done wrong it can be the darkest times of your life.

The money will go into creating the book so that we can hit the deadline of it’s release. Self-publishing is hard but with your help, we know we can make this happen in the time frame that we have planned! Lets change marriages together!

Go to BrokenTogetherBook.com for ways that you can help us or donate below if you don’t want the book but just want to donate!

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