Inspired Marriage will help you move to the next level in your marriage through Blogs, Books, Audios, Videos, Podcasts, Retreats & Seminars etc…

Our Vision is to touch many thousands of couples directly or indirectly through everything we do.

Our Mission is to help couples move to the next level in their marriage by educating, empowering & inspiring them to live a higher standard of life within their marriage. One of our main goals is to help couples see that connection is everything. When both of you are connected to God and each other, nothing can stop you and you become one of God’s power couples!

We Believe that when couples live a different standard of life, they will in turn experience all that God has to offer.

We Value God #1 in our lives with family #2. We feel that you have to have the vertical alignment in place in order to achieve the success in your marriage that God intended you to have.

We will never apologize for talking about God. We realize that we would have nothing to talk about if God weren’t in our life. Every blog, article, book, audio or conference we put together will have a spiritual aspect to it. We can’t leave him out as this is a Christian Marriage Ministry!

Living an Inspired Marriage,

Chris & Sandy Benton